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Saturday 11 January 2014

BTO Early bird survey

This morning we took part in the early bird survey for the BTO (British Trust for ornithology.

It was to see which birds are on feeder around day break and how much artifical light affects feeding.

We have no artifical light in  or around our garden.

As well as doing what they asked for their survey I also wrote down what we saw in the garden even if it wasn't on the feeders, what flew over the garden and what we could hear.

7.15am    We could hear Blackbirds, Tawny owls, Robins, Blue tits, but it was too dark to see the feeders.
7.29am    Robin on feeder
7.33am    Robin on fence
7.38am    Dunnock feeding on the ground
7.40am    Heard and saw 2 Ravens fly over
7.43am    Blue tits appear in the garden
7.46am    Fieldfares fly over
7.49am    Rooks start gathering on the wires
7.51am    Pigeon lands on tree
7.56am    Three pigeons eat bread on the grass
7.56am    Robin sitting on the fence
7.57am    First blue tit on the feeder
7.58am    Robin on the bird table
8.01am    Jackdaw landed in the tree
8.04am    Blue tits on and off of peanuts
8.05am    Great tit on feeding station
8.06am    six blue tits fighting over the feeder
8.07am    Great tit back
8.09am    Gulls fly over
8.12am    One female blackbird on fence, two male blackbirds on garage roof
8.15am    One blue tit on feeder
8.17am    Blue tits fighting over feeder
8.25am    Blue tits on coconut feeder
8.30am    Two magpies on silver birch
8.35am    Three Robins in the garden chasing each other
8.38am    One great tit on feeder
8.38am    Geese flying over
8.41am     Magpies fly passed
8.42am    Large group of field fares fly over
8.43am    8 Goldfinches on silver birch
8.44am    Group of around 50 finches fly over into the field, not sure whether Goldfinches or Greenfinches
8.46am    More gulls fly over
8.47am    Male blackbird on feeding dish
8.48am    Blue tits on the feeder
8.49am   Great tits on feeder
8.50am    Robin on bird table
8.52am    Great tit on feeder
8.53am    Dunnock around under feeders
8.56am    Robin on bird table
8.57am   Heard Collard Dove

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Those are really interesting observations. It sounds like you live in a great part of the country. I don't know if you use Twitter, but I've tweeted your blog to our followers (@BTO_GBW)

    Thanks for taking part in the survey!
    Clare (Early Bird Survey organiser, BTO)