Some of my favourite photos

Sunday 28 September 2014


Considering that it is the end of September the weather was warm enough to wear a T-shirt.
 Just as we had got back from a dog walk when we heard screeching from above. 
This Kestrel was being hasseled by three Jackdaws.
 One of the Jackdaws was dive bombing and grabbing the Kestrel's tail with its claws.  
After about five minutes the Kestrel managed to get away.

Last night at dusk we were at the bottom of the garden when a male Tawney owl started to hoot over head. I didn't have my camera with me but mum had the trail camera in her hand, unfortunately by the time she switched it on the owl had flown away.
What we didn't realise until my sister told me was that the owl was on our neighbours roof calling, then it flew over our heads, up the garden path, nearly colliding with my sisters face before landing in our other neighbours tree.


  1. Wow Alex. Some spectacular photos there. What's going on in the second one? Is that a feather plucked from the kestrel's tail or a jackdaw claw?