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Thursday 16 April 2015

Easter holidays Part 3 - Sea lions and seals

One thing there are lots of in California is Sealions, and you can smell them.
They look very bulky on land but they are very good swimmers, we even saw on that was surfing. It would wait just past the breaking waves and when a big wave came it would surf in to the shore in the white water then turn around and do it again.
I'm not sure whether this was a way of catching food or it was just having fun.

Young sealion

The smell was horrible

Surfing Sealion

This looked like a mass of floating, sleeping sealions

There are quite a number of differences between Seals and Sealions.
Seals have shorter front flippers that have claws.
Sealions have bigger hind flippers that can rotate and they can walk on them.
Seals pull themselves along on their tummies, while Sealions can use their flippers to 'walk'
Sealions have earflaps, seals don't.

Harbour Seals

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