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Sunday 5 July 2015


Over the last three days I have been watching four fledgling Swallows, they spent a lot of time sitting on the wire that goes over part of my garden.
Swallows normally have 4 to 7 eggs so to raise four they have done well.
Since the Swallows have arrived a couple of months ago there has been a constant chattering noise overhead.  

It has been really interesting to watch them feed their young, the adults seem to feed the young without landing.
You can tell when an adult is coming because the young flap their wings and make high pitch twittering.

The two pictures above and the one below show the adult coming in with food, putting something in a young ones mouth then flying off. 
Unfortunately in the photo below you can see the young one then drops the insect.

Occasionally the adults come and knock the young off when feeding, I don't know whether this is by accident or on purpose to get them to have a go at flying.
If the young do fall off they fly around for about five minutes, then lands again.
Once the fledglings are in the air the adults have a go at feeding them on the wing.

The next three photos are a sequence showing the adult feeding the young without stopping.

Coming in


flying on

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