Some of my favourite photos

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Photogenic hare

I spent the morning hiding behind a hay bale taking around 70 photos of this hare. 
He/she came out of the tall maize, had a few long stretches, scratched behind its ears, washed a bit, then sank down into a form. 
I thought that was going to be it but the hare got up after a few minutes, looked around, scratched again, hopped about nibbling at the small shoots of grass that are coming up between the stubble. 
After an hour or so the hare disappeared back into the maize.
I'm quite pleased with some of the photos.


  1. wonderful photos, what a great sighting

  2. Beautiful! Lovely photos Alex 😆

  3. Hi, just wondering if you're going to Rutland Birdfair?
    Ecology Liz

  4. Lovely photos - you've really captured that poised alertness of the hare.

  5. Hi Alex, just been looking at your blog. You've got some excellent photos there. Well done!

    Grampy Dave