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Sunday 18 October 2015

Sunday autumnal walk

Today we had a family walk with the dogs from Bablockhyth along the Bridle way all the way to Cumnor which is a four mile walk there and back.
Bablockhyth was once the site of a ferry across to Northmoor first mentioned around 1212, it remained in use until the 1960's.
 I had plenty of time to slowly walk and take some shots of autumn, birds and the scenery.
As soon as we started to walk there was plenty of movement from the hedgerow all around, where lots of small birds were hopping about, including Robins, Chaffinches, Great tits, Blue tits, Tree creepers and Long tailed tits, all competing to be the loudest.
The Dunnock who sat at the top of the branch, singing and looking around won the competition
Flocks of birds were gathering in the ploughed fields near to where the path is, it's a bit difficult to tell what type of birds they are.

Along the footpath, the chattering of the Starlings and the loud shout of the Jays accompanied us.
 Greater spotted woodpeckers, pheasants, geese, different types of fungi and what looks like a well, hidden away, made it an interesting walk.
Once I got home I did some research on the well. It is called a Physic well, a Holy well or Sacred spring. It is around 5 feet deep and it has a reputation for 'being good for eye troubles' other than that there isn't much written about it.

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