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Thursday 15 August 2013

It's a badger parade

The badgers were out earlier last night because it got darker earlier as it was cloudy. The rain makes them come out earlier as well.
These video's are of a mum, some of this years babies and another couple of adults.
Badgers can live in groups of around 14 adults.

Badgers love unsalted peanuts and mealworms.

Badgers live in setts that can be their family home for over 100 of years. They also use paths that their older family members used years before.
They have a special toilet area away from their sett called a latrine.


  1. A badger crossed the road in front of my car the other evening. Would you believe that is the first time I have EVER seen a live badger?

  2. We saw a tiny little brown mouse sat in the middle of the path today. It just sat and looked at us. Grampy Dave didn't have his camera with him. I didn't know badgers liked peanuts.