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Thursday 17 July 2014

Moth survey of the woods

We arrived in the wood before it got dark to help with the moth survey.

There was a lot of setting up including generators, cables, lights and moth traps.

Setting up the light
The experts that came to do the survey told us lots of information about moths.
We learnt that there are over 2000 different types of moths in the UK.
He told us that the night before he had found 180 different species.

The weather was cloudy, very humid with a few patches of rain.

Once we were set up, the first few insects that came to the lights were Water boatmen, craneflies and caddis flies.
Shortly after some small moths appeared. Mark explained that they belonged to a group called geometrid moths and we heard about micro moths and day flying moths. It was all very confusing but interesting.

Large Twin-spot carpet

Looking to see what has landed on the egg boxes

Black Arches

Buff tip


Common white wave

Ruby Tiger

Checking one of the moth traps
The adults were planning to stay until 1am, but we had to leave because it was a school night.
By the time we left Mark had identified 19 species including Small Rivulet, Beautiful hooktip, September thorn, small fan-footed wave, dingy footman, riband, July highflier, smoky Wainscot, Common Emerald, none of which I either didn't get a photo of or the photo was blurred.

Swallow- tailed
No Idea!!!

Double sqaure-spot

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