Some of my favourite photos

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Frosty morning

 Second morning of a hard frost. The last two nights the temperature has dropped to minus 8 degrees.
In the garden the Long tailed tits have appeared for the first time this winter and the blackbirds are quickly working their way through the berries.
Out in the fields it's quiet, I've had my trail camera out for the last few night and the badgers are not very active, only stopping to eat a few peanuts around 8pm before they disappear.
The owls are quiet but I heard the fox barking.
The buzzards have moved away from their normal perches preferring the road side where the fieldfares are eating the berries. We saw a buzzard a few days ago with a fieldfare it had caught.

Female Roe deer

Blackbird listening to something

Blackbird with a white patch on it's head