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Friday 23 January 2015

Heron in the garden

Whilst watching TV after school my sister spotted a Heron fly past the window. 
I grabbed my camera and looked out of the kitchen window.
The Heron had landed on the garage roof.
After standing, looking down into the garden for a while, it shook it's feathers, walked along the top, then flew away.
Shame it wasn't tomorrow when I am doing the Big Garden Birdwatch.

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  1. Hi Alex, you know, some grown ups I know cheat. Not only do they do their count on the Friday before the official bird count (because they've noticed that there's always fewer birds around on the actual weekend of the official count), but sometimes, they add in birds they've seen the day before! I know it's cheating, but you should keep two separate records for this weekend. The real one, of what you really saw, during one hour, and your own list, of what you saw "around the weekend"!