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Tuesday 6 January 2015

More badgers and Abbey meadows

There are large groups of Yellowhammers around at the moment, you can hear them before you can see them because they are singing their song 'a-little-bit-of-bread-with-no-cheeeeeeese'.
The ocassional Robin appears to follow us around the field hiding when we turn back. With their red breasts they are very easy to spot amongst the bare branches.
I have been putting my trail camera out on the foxes cache but only got Badgers and a Deer. The badgers seem to look down the hole and sniff but are not really interested.

At the weekend I went to Abbey Meadows in hope to see a Water vole as well as other wildlife, but due to the amount of people we only saw ducks, a lot of Squirrels and two Swans.
Abbey Meadows was once the site of the 7th century Abingdon Abbey. It is now a park which leads down to the River Thames.
On the walk back a Kingfisher flew past us and laned in a hedge. 
Across the river in the far corner of the field we could just make out the ghostly outline of barn owl hunting.

Aylesbury duck

Abbey Meadows

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