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Friday 21 November 2014

Mission Impossible - Common Buzzards

I took this photo a few weeks ago, the Buzzard has two green rings on it's legs. 
Someone suggested that the Buzzard could have been ringed in the Highlands
We checked out the European colour ring birding website, at their list of colours and the only one that matched said:-

Dark Green ring with a white 3 alpha-numeric code (on left leg) and metal ring (on right leg).
note 1 : birds ringed in United Kingdom, Highland Region.
note 2 : ring code starts with letter "A".

The ring looks more light green to me but there was no listing for Buzzards with light green rings.
Does anyone know whether this is a male or female?

This is another photo of the Buzzard with the two rings

There are normally two of them, the one with the rings and this one below, which is smaller and paler.
The one with rings is bolder and often sits on the pylon, while it's mate normally sits in the tree line but occasionally sits on the fence post.

This is it's mate

I haven't yet managed to take a close enough photo to read the letters on the rings. When it's sunny the Buzzards fly too high, when it's raining they sit hunched down so their leg feather cover the ring.
If it's cloudy they sit and let me get quite close.

Flew away before I got close enough

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