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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Time lapse - Fungi

I have been trying to time lapse a mushroom in my back garden over the past couple of weeks with my Brinno Time lapse camera.
I met the people from Brinno at a show recently and it reminded me that I must use my camera more often.
A week or so ago I set the time lapse camera out at 8am for 10 hours.
I set the camera to take a photo every 5 minutes, unfortunately I set it at 30 frames per second so the film came out at only 4 seconds long, but it is interesting to see how much the mushroom grew.

The next day I put the camera out at the same time, but set it at 15 frames per second, so I ended up with an eight second long film.
Again, you can see it growing.

The following time I put a cover over the mushroom so it stops the difference in light when the sun comes out or when it rains. Lee at Brinno has edited this next film so it looks better - Thank you


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