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Wednesday 11 June 2014

200th post - Crows have fledged

This is my 200th post.
I have been blogging since May last year.
Over the year I have learn't much more about the wildlife and habitat around my house.
There is so much to look at every day.

Yesterday the crows in the oak tree fledged.
It is quite high up, about as high as a house, so only two fledglings were visable
First there was lots of noise and flapping in the nest, then two fledglings hopped out on the next branch. Both parents were close by, one on the telegraph pole, the other in the same tree.

You can still see the pink part around it's beak

Not going too far from the nest

Parent keeping a close watch

After a while, one of the fledglings and a parent hopped across to the nearby tree, which almost touches the other one. While the other fledgling stayed very close to the nest.

Later on in the evening, outside my mum's bedroom window there was lots of noise. There were three crows flapping around a tree, especially the hedge at the bottom of the tree. After a short while, a pigeon flew out and one of the crows went in and came out with an egg in it's mouth.
The crow flew off across the field, so it might be taking the egg to feed it's babies.

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