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Saturday 28 June 2014

Fox, Hares and Butterflies

The weather over the past few days as been very sunny and humid. 
The hares have been out every evening and there are some many butterflies in the fields and hedgerows.

I saw this Kestrel fly over my house with something in its talons. I think it was a bit of a baby bird because another bird was chasing after it.

This Fox came plodding down the farm track, stopped to have its photo taken then headed off. Probably after the many baby Rabbits that were in the same field.

A couple of photos of some Butterflies taken over the last few days. Most of these were taken on the edge of the field of crops, next to the woods, where the flowers and grasses have been left to grow.

Marbled White

Male Large Skipper


Small Tortoiseshell 

Female Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown

Hare hiding from Buzzard flying over head

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  1. Really great photo of the fox Alex. I bet you're pleased with that one!