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Sunday 22 June 2014

Kimmeridge Snorkel trail

Yesterday I went off my Local patch and went down to Kimmeridge in Dorset for the day. The weather was very sunny, with no wind making it perfect for snorkelling.

There they have a snorkel trail marked out in the Bay with buoys. The snorkel trail is 400m long and you snorkel through patchs of seaweed and rocks. Most places it is between 2 and 3 metres deep on a high tide.

Common Blenny
The seaweed is very colourful with quite a few Wrasse swimming in and out. Which are too fast to take any good photos.


Later on, when the tide went out my mum ran a beachcombing course for me and my friends. We saw, Blenny's, Dragonets, sea snails, Limpets, Barnacles, anemones and lots of different coloured seaweed.

Beadlet anemone

Fish hiding in seaweed

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