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Monday 9 June 2014

Butterfly survey part 2 June

 Yesterday I took part in the second part of the butterfly survey in my local woods.

The weather was ideal for butterflies because between 16 and 19 degrees the butterflies like to fly but are quite slow, over 21 degrees the butterflies are out and about but they move quite quickly (not very good if you are trying to take a photo). During the afternoon the temperature got up to 22 degrees.

Ladybird larvae

Green dock beetle eggs

 After walking around the route we took a month ago we had seen 13 butterflies, 11 of which were Speckled woods, one Orange tip and one small white.
A lot of the wood is now very overgrown and in the shade.

Speckled wood

Tortoiseshell caterpillars

Tortoiseshell caterpillar

There is a large patch of honeysuckle in the wood which hopefully will attract some butterflies for the final survey in July

Slug eating a smaller slug

I think this is a female Broad-bodied chaser.


My mum saw this caterpillar in the garden. I can't remember what it is, apart from it's a moth caterpillar.

This jackdaw has a nest in my neighbours chimney. It is always taking thing down the chimney pot. I can't work out what is in it's beak, it looks like mud.

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