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Saturday 21 March 2015

Close up badgers

 As there was no school this morning, my mum, sister and I went to see the badgers last night.
It was quite cold with no wind and the badgers were out when we arrived.
To start with the badgers were having a few squabbles and there was lots of churring and chittering but they soon settled down, with some leaving to go out into the field and some staying around the sett.
The badgers were happy to eat around our feet, particularly 3 adults.
At one stage two Roe deer walked past the sett and made lots of noise by stamping and all the badgers ran down their holes. This also frightened a Tawny owl that flew out above my head.
One badger walked straight up the path within touching distance I thought it was going to stop and eat from my bag of peanuts I had next to me.

Solar eclipse 

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