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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Spring is coming

This little bird spends its time inbetween the hedges and conifer trees opposite my bedroom window. It's about the size of a wren maybe smaller.
Today I finally managed to get a photo. (Not a great photo)
I think its a goldcrest.

This week the weather has been windy but quite sunny meaning the flowers are begining to come out in the wood like the Primroses.


My mum took this photo of me creeping up on a Kestrel to take a photo of it.

This crow waits for mum to feed it everyday

These four photos show that our local birds of prey are eating well.
The first two photos is of a dead pigeon that had been eaten on this fallen branch with blood all the way up it.
H3 and it's mate are spending more and more time in the woods rather than out in the field or in the hedges along the road. I think I may have found where they are building a nest.

Remains of a pigeon

Pigeon feathers

Female pheasant

One evening last week as we were walking the dogs, about 30 Lapwings landed in the field.
The next morning there were two piles of feather.

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