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Sunday 15 March 2015

Visit to Whalefest, Brighton

Yesterday I travelled down to Brighton to WhaleFest. 
WhaleFest is a festival promoting everything to do with Whales, Marine Life and Oceans. It aims to be the worlds premiere marine eco-festival.
There were lots of people doing talks such as Steve Backshall, Monty Halls and Will Travers.
It hosted lots of stalls and exhibitors as well as a Shark Zone full of life sizes models, a chill out zone and a large Sea Shepherd stand.
The speakers talked about their experiences with Whales and other marine wildlife.

 Will Travers, the President of the Born Free Foundation, talked about freeing captive whales, conservation and animal rights.

Will Travers
 Steve Backshall talked about his adventures in the water and kayaking with different types of whales, he had some fantastic short clips of Sperm Whales sleeping and Humpback whales feeding.

Steve Backshall
 While I was there I met up with Ben and Matt, the BBC Wildlife Magazine team. 
Matt from BBC Wildlife magazine
Monty Halls is an adventurer, marine biologist and diver. I have enjoyed watching some of his diving programs with Andy Torbet. Last summer we visited his shop 'Great Escapes' in Dartmouth.

Me and Monty Halls
 These two Whales on the beach were made out of crosses to show all the deaths of Whales and dolphins that had died in captivity.
It's called "The Whale Graveyard - Setting captive spirits free".
I found it quite emotional to see the numbers written on some of the crosses

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