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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Drama in the morning

First thing this morning we found Scooby trying to eat a Greenfinch in our conservatory.

The rest of it's family was outside on next doors wall watching it.

A male Greenfinch kept flying up at the window on the otherside

I saw this bird out of the window this morning, does anyone know what it is?
It was signing very loudly at the group of Greenfinches


  1. Hi Alex
    I think that it is a young male Chaffinch

  2. I was very excited yesterday when I finally got a good sighting of the elusive grass snake. We knew there was one in the area but had only seen the tip of its tail as it took cover. Yesterday, I looked out of my bedroom window and spotted it sun bathing on the stream bank and watched it for several minutes before it slide off. Unfortunately, the camera was down stairs so I didn't get a picture.