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Wednesday 16 September 2015

Trail cam badgers and a fox

Since the weekend we have been putting the trail camera out in different places to try and get an idea where the badgers go at what time.
I was lucky enough to get a quick view of a fox on one of the cameras.
I am also trying to build up a log of the different badgers on my local patch to see if I can start recognising some.

I am really pleased to see that this years cub is growing strong. It is still pottering about with its mum. Back in the spring there were two cubs but I haven't seen the other one since May. I only saw it once.

A badger has been coming up to just behind our garden and snuffling around in the grass. It completely ignores the fallen apples.

I have also been looking into what badgers eat. Out in the field they are eating a lot of the maize and other crops as well as blackberries. I can tell this by what they leave in their latrines.
Out in the field I put down a small handful of peanuts, a pile of windfall apples and a pile of windfall plums. The badger really seems to enjoy the plums. I can't work out whether they eat the stone or not. They don't touch apples.

In all three places I have been noting the times the badgers appear. It seems like they come to a patch, go away, and then visit the same patch a couple of times during the night and in to the early morning.

One thing I noticed on one of the clips was a badger lifting up its leg, holding it for a moment then walking off. I have seen badgers squat to go to the toilet, but do male badgers cock their leg like dogs or do both sexes squat?

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