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Tuesday 18 August 2015

A coastal path walk with Peregrines

We started our Coastal path walk at Brownstone car park, as soon as I stepped out of the car a cold breeze flew into my face, the sun was out but it was difficult to feel the warmth through the wind.
Bird's were tweeting from every direction especially a distinctive call of a Peregrine coming from down the hill where we were heading.
After reaching Daymark Tower a Peregrine came swooping down over the treeline only meters away from the grass, gliding as it flew.
The Peregrine flew into the opposite field, it was joined by two others which were all flying in different directions. A couple of times they came together, crying into the wind.
After a few encounters one of the Peregines flew in the direction to Newfoundland Cove, the other flew straight to Froward cove and the last Peregrine headed out to the cliff face. 

Daymark Tower

On arriving at the lookout post, lots of squawking could be hearded. Suddenly a Raven appeared over the tree tops followed by a Peregrine chasing it.
We knew that it was a Raven because of it's distinctive deep call - Cr-r-ruck.
The Raven tried to lose the Peregrine by swooping and diving thougth the trees whilst the Peregrine  kept dive bombing the Raven.
Looking at the photos you can see the size difference with the wing span of the Raven averaging 130cm and the Peregrine being smaller at around 110cm
Eventually the Raven and Peregrine flew behind the trees still fighting.

Half way along the coastal path we stopped to listen to the obvious sound of chicks calling as a parent approaches. It was the Peregrine who flew in and disappeared into the ferns on the cliff face. A few seconds later it reappeared, flew off and return 3 or 4 more times while we sat and watched.
The Peregrine doesn't build a nest, but scrapes a shallow hole called an Eyrie in grass or earth on a cliff face.
Even looking through my binoculars I couldn't make out the chicks as they were so well hidden.

The walk along the coast was extremely challenging as some parts had to be done on hands and knees, but it was worth it for the views of the coast, the Peregrines, the seals and the exercise!

Outer Froward point

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