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Sunday 2 August 2015

Borrowing a camera with macro lens

My Grampy lent my sister a camera with a macro lens, so I thought I would have a go with it.
I started off in the garden taking a couple of photos of butterflies, then took the camera out in to the field next door.

Peacock butterfly

Comma buttefly

Out in the field the sky is full of thistle down. As the wind catches the seeds they float towards the East like flakes of snow.

Down inbetween the plants, tiny threads of spider web shine in the sunlight as they stretch across the gaps.  
Here the sticky strands trap unsuspecting flies, bees and the odd ladybird where the poor insects will become a spiders meal.

A bee and a spider

 Some of the flowers that were fully open, at the top of the plants, appeared to be the most popular with sometimes two or three bees or hoverflies trying to get to the nectar.

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