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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Rural fox

 It is not often I get to see foxes on my local patch, the rural fox is a lot more shy than its urban relatives.
I have manage to capture a fox twice on my trail camera.
I saw one up close last year when I was sat in the field trying to take photos of hares and the fox came trotting down the path towards me, I don't think it saw me until the last minute.
I also briefly saw one near my house a couple of weeks ago, but it turned and ran the moment it saw me.
This afternoon I was walking quiet a long way behind my mum and my sister while we were out walking the dogs when I spotted a fox sitting on the footpath. As I was watching the fox it turned and slipped back in to the hedgerow.
Although the fox couldn't resist a quick glance back out to see if I was still there.
Each time I have seen the local foxes, for a short moment they stare straight in to my eyes before turning away.

Wasp beetle

The last few times I have been up to our allotment I have spent sometime watching one particular rabbit. I have been able to get closer and closer to it as the days pass.

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