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Sunday 19 July 2015

A walk around Farmoor reservoir

 After looking back at the photos I took while walking around F1 and F2 at Farmoor reservoir I noticed that a lot of the birds are juvenile and so to me quite confusing to identify.
Please correct me if I have got it wrong or let me know the ones I haven't named

Farmoor reservoir is 5 miles outside of Oxford.
It is a four mile walk around both reservoirs.
As well as the water, Farmoor reservoir has woodland, meadows and a couple of hides.
Farmoor attracts lots of passing migrating birds so every time you go, there's always a chance you will see something new such as Red Necked Grebes and Black-Throated Diver.
It's a great bird watching spot but extremely windy.
Yesterday it was quite windy and most of the birds were at the far end away from the car park, where it was more sheltered.
Common tern
We watched this juvenile Great Crested Grebe struggling to swallow a fish.

Great Crested Grebe

The Oystercatchers where flying in pairs around the lakes.


Greylag Goose

Little egret


lots of Coots


Back at home I spotted this Lesser Stag beetle climbing up the wall on our house

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