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Thursday 16 July 2015

Sometimes what is NOT there is just as important

It is exciting to look at what my trail camera has filmed over night, but sometimes it can be quite disappointing.
When I first looked at last nights footage on the back screen it looked like one of those disappointing nights. 
There just seems to be the same one badger pottering around, rather than the normal ten that live in this sett, interacting together.
Even though there wasn't much, it still gives me a lot of information about what is going on around the sett.
Firstly, the badger didn't come out until 9pm, but I know that they are actually leaving the sett much earlier and spending time out in the fields looking for food. 
The soil around the sett is very dry and hard so it is probably difficult to find food there.
When I first looked through the 21 short films the camera took it shows the badger is around about 9pm, midnight, 4am and 5am. 
It also looks like it is just one badger but infact the badger around 9pm has a bend in her tail. The badger around midnight has a straight, fluffy tail and the badger at 4am is lactating, so it looks like there were 3 different badgers.
When the badgers aren't around other animals come near the sett, such as rabbits, deers, foxes and rats.

I have collected data over two years now and it is good to look back through my blog to start seeing patterns of when the badgers are around.

I think this is a lactating female.

On the way down to put out the camera I took a few photos

Silver-washed Fritillary

Long tailed tits

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