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Sunday 26 July 2015

Trip on a Narrow boat

I have always wanted to go on a Narrow boat because they look a great way to travel and they allow you to get close to the waterbirds and wildlife.
My mum has some friends, Deb and Louise, who let us join them on a trip on their narrow boat down the River Thames.

We joined them at The May Bush inn at Newbridge, where the River Windrush meets the River Thames, and completed our journey at Eynsham lock. This journey took three and a half hours.
From the boat mooring we followed the river downstream as it meanders slowly through the Oxfordshire countryside. 

The chug of the engine made the boat vibrate a lot, however it was quiet and made it a relaxing way to travel.  It hardly made a ripple as it moved across the river surface.

Travelling through the locks was a fantastic experience as I am just used to walking around them.
All the locks we went through were extremely pretty and it felt like we were going back in time because the building and site  at Northmoor hasn’t changed much since 1893, when it was built. 

After going through Northmoor lock in the distance was a colourful, blue flash flying close to the surface of the water.
I knew instantaneously that it was a Kingfisher.
Last year I took photos of a breeding pair of Kingfishers in the same area, maybe it is the same bird.
 I find Kingfishers are hard to take photos of, this one must have been used to boats as it sat on the branch until we were close to it. 

The Kingfisher flew to the next tree where he sat in the perfect clearing to get a photo. As soon as I had got some photos it flew off into the green and overgrown trees.

A while later downstream the Kingfisher returned with a fish in its beak and flew off upstream. 


Just after the Kingfisher a gaggle of Canada Geese cruised to the right side of the boat, some were just flapping their wings while others were bickering.

Looking downstream

Northmoor Lock

After passing Bablock Hythe a gaggle of Greylag Geese surrounded the boat on both sides of the river and up on to the bank.

Although I didn't get a photo, I saw a Kestrel fly over some grassland with a mouse in its beak as well as Little Egret sat in the reedbed hidden away watching us go by.

This Heron was watching for any fish to swim by.
In the second photo a Tern flew passed at just the wrong moment.


Each lock has a flood mark July 2007 is the highest, this flood marker was at Pinkhill Lock.

Pinkhill Lock

Whilst we were walking back to the car park to get collected, this Buzzard flew straight along the ground and landed on a post.

A man at Eynsham, near the car park, told us about some Otter sightings he had heard about in the area, something I would like to look for in the future.

Female Mallard Duck

Thank you Deb and Louise for the trip It was great fun!

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