Some of my favourite photos

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wild Wednesday

Although we couldn't find the Robin's nest in the garage we did spot this fledgling deciding whether to venture outside.

This is the first catapillar I have seen this year. It was climbing up a Holly tree.

 A seven spotted ladybird

The Treecreeper is now sat on the nest you can just see it's tail.

Female Roe deer

The Blackbird in the Laurel tree has now got 5 eggs

Buff tailed Bumble bee
 I think this is a 14-spot ladybird also known as a Dormouse ladybird because it is one of the last to wake up from winter (According to my Ladybird Top-Trump cards)

This Buzzard came shooting through the wood and nearly hit my sisters head as she was taking a photo. It then went out into the field and climbed higher and higher in circles.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Birds nests everywhere

It's been a very busy week this week for the birds in my garden, and for me to try and follow them all.

We have a blackbird that has laid two eggs in a nest in the laurel tree.

We found  blackbirds next in the Yew tree it is lined,  I'm not used if she hasn't laid yet or we have missed them.

The Dunnocks nest in the fir tree has 4 babies in it.

There is a Robin with food that keeps disappearing into the garage through a broken window. I used the trail camera to capture the Robin going in but I haven't found the nest yet.

There is a nest in the bottom shed but again it's empty so not sure whether the birds have already fledged.

Outside of my garden, The crows are sitting on the nest in the oak tree and the Tree creepers nest is getting bigger and bigger but I can't see any eggs, that might be because they are so far in the tree.

Treecreepers nest

I haven't had chance to go back down to see the Raven's nest this week.

I have now started to fill  in my BTO cards.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Spring flower challenge

Thursday after school my mum set me and my sister a flower challenge.
It was to see how many wild flowers we could photograph in half an hour.
I set the time and date stamp on my camera. (I didn't notice the date said May!)

We walked out of the front door at 4.08 and stopped at 4.50pm when we got distracted by hares in the field.
I'm not very good at wild flowers so it's taken me this long to find all the names, hopefully I've got them right.
(Thank you to Barbara for helping me)


White Comfrey

Wood forget-me-not
White dead nettle

Lesser Celandine

Red Dead Nettle

Scented mayweed

Shepherds purse
Cow parsley

Common mouse ear

Garlic mustard
Ground Ivy


Red Campion

Wood anemone


Common Vetch

These are some photos that my sister took

Lesser Celandine


Ground Ivy