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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wild Wednesday

Although we couldn't find the Robin's nest in the garage we did spot this fledgling deciding whether to venture outside.

This is the first catapillar I have seen this year. It was climbing up a Holly tree.

 A seven spotted ladybird

The Treecreeper is now sat on the nest you can just see it's tail.

Female Roe deer

The Blackbird in the Laurel tree has now got 5 eggs

Buff tailed Bumble bee
 I think this is a 14-spot ladybird also known as a Dormouse ladybird because it is one of the last to wake up from winter (According to my Ladybird Top-Trump cards)

This Buzzard came shooting through the wood and nearly hit my sisters head as she was taking a photo. It then went out into the field and climbed higher and higher in circles.

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