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Sunday 27 April 2014

Birds nests everywhere

It's been a very busy week this week for the birds in my garden, and for me to try and follow them all.

We have a blackbird that has laid two eggs in a nest in the laurel tree.

We found  blackbirds next in the Yew tree it is lined,  I'm not used if she hasn't laid yet or we have missed them.

The Dunnocks nest in the fir tree has 4 babies in it.

There is a Robin with food that keeps disappearing into the garage through a broken window. I used the trail camera to capture the Robin going in but I haven't found the nest yet.

There is a nest in the bottom shed but again it's empty so not sure whether the birds have already fledged.

Outside of my garden, The crows are sitting on the nest in the oak tree and the Tree creepers nest is getting bigger and bigger but I can't see any eggs, that might be because they are so far in the tree.

Treecreepers nest

I haven't had chance to go back down to see the Raven's nest this week.

I have now started to fill  in my BTO cards.


  1. The empty nest in the yew is a dunnock. Too mossy and feathery for blackbird, and too messy for chaffinch.

  2. Thanks RB, That's interesting because the only bird we've seen going in and out is a blackbird. It's quite a big tree so perhaps the blackbird has a nest in there as well. I'll have a look.

  3. Just looked, You're right it is actually miles to small to be a Blackbirds nest.