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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Down stream on the River Thames

 Instead of taking the boat upstream as we normally do, this weekend we went downstream.
The River Thames becomes a lot wider and has less plants on the river bank after Eynsham lock. On the way there are lots of Narrow boats and a caravan park.
The river bends as it goes passed Farmoor Reservoir which is where we saw the Cormorant.
We only saw two Kingfishers, but there were about five Herons.

Thank you to Wildlife Kate's website for the information on the difference between a male and female Kestrel.
This is a male because he has a grey head and spots on his back.
We watched this Kestrel as we were waiting for our turn in Pinkhill Lock
The Kestrel in my slideshow is a female.
Male Kestrel

I thought this was a juvenile Kingfisher at first because it was so fluffy but it is an adult because its legs are orange where as a young Kingfisher has browner feet. 
Male Kingfisher

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