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Saturday 5 September 2015

Signs of autumn - nuts and berries

Autumn is coming, not just because our calendar says September or I've started back at school but my local patch is full of nuts and berries.
There are plenty of other signs as well, including the Tawny owl shouting at everyone who will listen, from our garage roof in the evenings this week, that this is it's territory.
(Except last night when I put the trail camera out!)
The starlings are chattering on the pylon, the pigeons are in the fields in big groups and the small birds are flying around in groups of up to 40 of them.
As the days are getting shorter the badgers are becoming more predictable and I've managed to watch them a couple of times this week.
I have noticed more fungi popping up and hidden well, deep in the woods is the Meadow saffron which is just starting to flower.

Black berries

Hawthorn berries


Sloe berries

Crab apples

Hazel nuts


Meadow saffron

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