Some of my favourite photos

Monday 30 September 2013

Under Rainbow Bridge

While we were walking down to Rainbow bridge, we spotted a Buzzard in a tree.

When we got  down to the river, there was a Kestrel hovering over the field

Me and my sister walked under Rainbow bridge.
We threw our crab lines into the water.
For bait we used a small piece of meat in a net bag. The crayfish grabbed on to the bag with their claws and we pulled them up.

American crayfish

                                     After that we went fishing with a small net and caught some baby fish, which we put in a glass bowl so I could take some photos.
Afterwards we let them go..

 When we got home we saw a  pied wagtail on our roof.

Sunday 29 September 2013

signs of autumn

There were huge amounts of fungi today in the field and woods

We found this nest but we do not know what it is

We watched this two pheasants fighting. All they did was circle each other, nod and peck. They did have much contact with each other.
In the end the one with the blue/green neck flew away

Bank voles

We have been visiting a bank vole nest about once a week and having a little peek each time.
first visit

second visit

Third visit
Third visit
We are very careful not to disturb them.
Forth view

Forth visit
They have added feathers to the nest. We saw 3 babies who are now coming out of the nest

Saturday 28 September 2013

Badgers eating

We are starting to recognise certain badgers.
The mum with the 5 babies has a dark mark on her white strip, but she didn't come infront of the camera tonight.

This looks like 2 adults and a younger badger. The middle badger has a scar or cut over it's left eye.

The badgers are coming out around an hour earlier than they were last month.
The sun set at 6.49pm last night and the first badgers appeared in front of the camera at 7.41pm.

One of the badgers seems to know the camera is there.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Spiders webs

Grampy Dave showed me some photos he took of a spiders web so I thought I'd have a go myself

Canada Geese

Each evening for the past few days we have had some visitors to the field next to our house.
They arrive in the field just as it is getting dark.

They are in the Rooks territory.
When the first few geese arrived the rooks tried to scare them off, but they soon gave up.
I also saw a hare but it was too fast and getting too dark to get a nice photo.

Sunday 22 September 2013

Around Appleton - Lower common, Netherton

We walked from the lower common down to the river.

We walked along the river for about half a hour during which time we saw a kingfisher several times.

On the walk back up we watched the farmer plough the field. He was followed by many different birds including red kites and buzzards, as well as various gulls.