Some of my favourite photos

Monday 30 September 2013

Under Rainbow Bridge

While we were walking down to Rainbow bridge, we spotted a Buzzard in a tree.

When we got  down to the river, there was a Kestrel hovering over the field

Me and my sister walked under Rainbow bridge.
We threw our crab lines into the water.
For bait we used a small piece of meat in a net bag. The crayfish grabbed on to the bag with their claws and we pulled them up.

American crayfish

                                     After that we went fishing with a small net and caught some baby fish, which we put in a glass bowl so I could take some photos.
Afterwards we let them go..

 When we got home we saw a  pied wagtail on our roof.


  1. Sounds like you had a great walk. It is wonderful that we see so many buzzards and red kites around Oxfordshire now. Wish I'd been there to see the kestrel. I haven't seen one for years and they are a favourite of mine. Glad you put the baby fish back but I'd have liked to put the crayfish in a pot and cook him for my tea.

    Loving the blog, Alex and look forward to your posts.