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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Tree creeper and bluebells

As we walked along a footpath through the woods a bird flew out from nowhere straight infront of us.
We spotted a nest inside a hawthorn tree so we sat and waited to see if the bird would come back.
After a little while it did and it was a tree creeper.
It was gathering fluff and small leaves then going inside a tiny crack in this tree.
I'm hoping to see eggs and baby Tree creepers over the coming weeks.

My local wood is now nearly covered with Bluebells. It looks so beautiful just like a purple blanket. 
I can see the badgers trails through the bluebells.

The badgers have been busy digging out their holes amongst the bluebells.

In some places the wood anemone and Stitchwort are just hanging on but will soon be dwarfed by the bluebells.

These are native Bluebells - you can tell because they have droopy heads, creamy white pollen and narrow flower shape unlike the Spanish Bluebells which is more upright, with open tips to their flowers and has blue pollen.

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