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Sunday 20 April 2014


Over the last few days I have seen the odd Swallow down by the river but yesterday was the first time they have been in any numbers.

It's very difficult to get a photo of them.

On one part of the river I could see a trail through the grass from the river under a concrete culvert and out in to a side stream that leads to a pond.
In the photo below you can see the trail from the river. It must be very recent as it is just bent grass.

Once it appears on the other side of the culvert you can see in the photo below the trail goes up through the nettles and disappears into the stream

In the mud there were a few footprints, not very clear ones but this was the best one. There were no deer footprints so I don't think the trail through the grass was made by a deer.
I'm hoping this could be an otter but we did spot a mink on Friday about two miles further downstream as it ran across the grass by the side of the river.

More little fish in the river.

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