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Saturday 19 April 2014

Good Friday

Yesterday we went down to the river to catch some fish using a net.
 After we caught a few, we placed them in a glass bowl so we could take some photos of them swimming in the water.
When we had finished taking photos, we gently poured the water and little fish back in where we found them. 

I used my Dad's waterproof camera to take this film.

While we were sat by the river we could constantly hear a Raven calling over head and in the trees across the river.
We could definitely tell it was a Raven not a Crow by its call, which sounds like gurgling croak.

During the three hours we were by the river we saw two Ravens, one occasionally landed in the field behind us, while the other one spend most of its time around the trees.
By the end of the afternoon we had work out that this was the Raven's nest.

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