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Sunday 6 April 2014

Spring flowers, footprints, clever rooks and more

Many more spring flowers have been appearing in the fields over the last few days. The mixture of sunshine and showers has been perfect for them.


White nettle

We found these badger footprints leading across a patch of flooded field that was drying up. This wasn't on one of their regular paths but it was about 100m away from one of their latrines.
You can see both the pads and the claws.
The photos show clearly how when a badger walks there is an overlap of the back foot over the front foot.

Looking at the distance between each footprint it looks like the badger was plodding along.

This is a front paw, it has long claws.

                                         A badger's back paw

My dogs footprint - to show you the difference

Roe deer


A Great tit was gathering our dogs fur in the garden

This male pheasant was not disturbed by us walking and he even walked towards us.

On Sunday afternoon there was a light drizzle in the air whilst we walked along the River Thames, we saw two swans, one on the nest and the other one close by.

Could these be more signs of a water vole?

The poo on the right looks older than the poo on the left.

Netherton Rookery. North Audley Copse
51.699715, -1.402335
There are 18 nests

We have two Rooks visiting our garden every day. As soon as we open the back door they appear looking for food.
One of them has learnt how to pull up the string on the coconut feeder then hold the string in it's feet so it can reach the fat inside.

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