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Thursday 2 July 2015

Easily distracted

I have started a small project of focusing on one animal for a week. 
This week I decided to do the Buzzard H3. I've managed to spend some time with her, watching and noting some of her behaviour as well as taking some photos of her and her mate.

However, I get so easily distracted by other animals and bugs that I find it quite hard to stay on one animal. As I point my camera in one direction something in the corner of my eye will catch my attention, there is always so much to look at.
Whilst walking to where H3 stays we saw this Bee that was bigger than any other Bee so I think it could be a Queen, it was over 2cm long.

Tree bumblebee (Thanks Richard Comont)

There was a Yellowhammer was sat on a tree near where H3 normally perches, when you look closely it has some sort of insect in its beak, maybe a bee.

The pigeons have had a second brood of chicks, this photo was taken 4 days ago and the one below that was taken today, they have started to grow feathers and increase in size.

There are a lot of different butterflies around now. New around this last week are the Gatekeeper, the Meadow Brown and Ringlet.
Comma butterfly


My neighbour and I both have different types of insects nests, mine is a wasps nest and my neighbour has a Bee, both in bird boxes.

Rabbit up at the allotment

This spider has a sack of eggs on its back end.

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