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Monday 29 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 28 - Lulworth Cove, a day by the beach

Lulworth Cove has got to be one of my favourite places by the sea. We come down here a couple of times a year. I love playing on the beach, exploring around the rock pools, paddling and swimming in the sea and ending the day with chips.

Lulworth Cove has an amazing amount of wildlife and history. The rock formations are really interesting especially round at Stair Hole.
Although the weather was drizzly yesterday it was still warm and not too cold in the sea.
It was great fun as 10 of us went down for the day.

This fish below is a small Flounder


Stair Hole is a hidden bay surrounded by hills. You can see where the sea has made archways through the Portland stone.

Stair Hole

Every rock I looked on there was either a Fish or a Sea Snail. When the tide is low there are lots of rock pools to look around.

Sea Snail


Brilliant at camoflague

 This is me standing outside the Lulworth fossil shop with a dinosaur skeleton (not real).

Herring Gull
My mum took all the underwater photos as she was teaching a Search and Recovery lesson for the day.

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