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Saturday 6 June 2015

30 days Wild - Day 6 - Guided nature walk with experts

It is Day 6 of 30 Days Wild and my family went on a guided walk as part of the Oxford Festival of Nature.
We met at Wytham woods this morning and were guided round by researchers from Oxford University and members of the Oxon Mammal group.

Firstly they talked about how to trap small mammals including Weasels, Mice and voles.
When the researchers trap the small mammals they weigh them, measure them and tag them.
This mouse below is a Wood mouse.

Which was then let free.

This is one of the traps, it contains food, bedding and an apple for moisture.

Longworth mammal trap 

After the Mouse we moved on and then talked about how to track Badgers and Deers by recognising their droppings, footprints and Burrows.
A little way further into the woods we meet up with Danni and Amanda who were checking bat boxes.
They very kindly show us how they ringed, weighed and measured a Natterer's Bat.

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