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Tuesday 9 June 2015

30 days Wild - Day 9 - Jackdaw gang pick on Crow

I didn't go far for Day 9 of 30 Days Wild, infact I stayed in my garden watching the local gang of Jackdaws picking on the Crow.
The Crow has been around for a couple years coming for food when we open the back door by hopping onto the fence post and cawing until we throw him something. It has a nest in an oak tree in the field next to our house.
The local gang of Jackdaws have just sucessfully raised a family in our neighbours chimney pot. They have been regulars at the feeder for a while.
The Jackdaws are very boisterous and knock the smaller birds off the feeders but luckily they don't use the feeders all day long.
However, when the Crow turns up for its food the Jackdaws appear from nowhere and a noisy battle begins.

Where ever the Crow is sitting the Jackdaws take it in turns to dive bomb it, pecking the crow if they get a chance. They are amazing at acrobatics and will fly up high, turn sharply then dive straight down at the Crow, sometimes feet first, sometimes beak first.
While this is going on the smaller birds get their chance to have a go on the feeder.

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