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Thursday 25 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 24 - Trail camera

I had a trail camera as a present a couple of years ago.
A trail camera is a great way to film animals behaving naturally.
It isn't as easy as just putting the camera down and hoping it will get something, you have to do some research into the animal and know that it will be there in the first place.
I use the camera a lot at the badgers sett, which is easy because I know the best places to put the camera now.
The camera has caught on film the badgers fighting, mating, the cubs playing as well as a badger chasing a Muntjac deer.

Two nights ago I went into the garden and saw a Barn Owl sitting on the shed roof, so last night I put the trail camera on the roof of the shed hoping the owl would return.
It did.
Now I know that it flies in from the left, from the field, between our Laural and Lilac tree I am going to put the camera in a different place tonight, hoping to catch the owl not so close to the camera.

Some animals are harder because they don't have patterns to their behaviour, so it is difficult to predict if they will walk past the camera.
Since I have had the camera it has filmed Foxes, Deers, Jays, Squirrels, Rabbits, birds in the gardens, Rats and Mice.
I would like to try for Hares and Weasels.

This is the smallest cub this year, but it is growing fast now.

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