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Sunday 21 June 2015

Lapwings and Hares - 30 days Wild - Day 21

In the field we have two elusive animals, Hares and Lapwings. Today we saw both of them together. They share the same space because they both like open fields where they can see predators coming.

The Lapwings were being very aggressive to any bird that flew overhead by diveboming them, the reason for this is they have chicks and they must be protecting them from predators.
Every time a rook or gull flew over a lapwing would rise from the ground and chase it away.
Once the predator had gone the lapwings settled back down on the floor but one or two always stay up in the sky as if scouting.

We sat for a few moments at the edge of the field and spotted 4 chicks through the binoculars. 
I managed to get a photo of the closest one. 
We didn't like to stay too long, although the Lapwings only seemed bothered by the other birds.
I am surprised the chicks weren't affected by the heavy rain we had yesterday.

 This hare was sat just behind a poppy flower but shot off when it spotted us. After watching the Lapwings we walked to the bottom of the field and back up, to find the hare sat back in exactly the same place behind the Poppy again.

A Little Egret flew over us as we walked back home.

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