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Thursday 4 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 4 - Looking for butterflies

Day 4 of 30 Days Wild - Random acts of Wildness was a 30 minute walk around the field looking for butterflies.
As today was scorching hot with a light breeze it was difficult to take photos because the butterflies wouldn't settle. We saw quite a few different types of butterflies including some we couldn't get close enough to identify.

Last year we went on a guided walk with The Upper Thames Butterfly Conservation group, so today we were able to use some of the things we learnt when looking for butterflies, like not casting a shadow over them and not making too many vibrations as both scare away the butterflies.

We are lucky on my local patch that the farmer leaves very large edges around the crops in the fields where lots of flowers grow, so there are lots of butterflies and bees to look for.

Small White

Brown Argus

Common blue - male



  1. Hi Alex, the butterfly you have down as a female Common blue is a Brown argus. And well done for winning the under 12 category in the BBOWT photography competition, I only managed to get a "commended" photo.

  2. Hi Wayne.
    Thanks for noting the butterfly. I have a good book but it only has drawings and a lot of the butterflies look very similar in the book.
    Thank you, waht did you take a photo of?
    I liked your photos of the Black throated diver, we managed to get down to have a look at it too.

    1. I sent a few photo's in. They chose my Orange tip on gorse.There is a small photo of it on the right-hand side of my blog. By the way ,the moth photo below your Common blue is a Burnet companion. Keep up the good work,and again well done :)