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Friday 5 June 2015

30 days Wild - Day 5 - Spend time with your favourite animal, Badgers

For those of you who regularly view my blog you will know that the badger is my favourite animal.
So it wouldn't be a surprise for one of my Random Acts of Wildness to be badger watching.
I love just sitting and watching my local sett and the badgers are quite used to us being there.
 This evening there were 6 badgers out, 3 cubs and 3 adults. 
The badger with the missing eye, Cookie, another one with bits of both ears missing (a large cub), the badger who comes right up and sniffs our feet, another large cub and one tiny cub.
The tiny cub is now quite boisterous and will push the adults aside with its bum to get at food. Mostly the adults put up with it, he even bit one of the adults legs tonight.
The tiny one came right up to our feet this evening.
At one point a young rat came out of the badgers hole and took a peanut. I was wondering whether badgers would eat a rat.

You can see the tiny cub right in the middle

Tiny cub on the right

This years smallest cub

I took some films which I will load up tomorrow

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