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Wednesday 17 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 17 - Rainbow

Went down to see the badgers this evening, they were out quite a bit later than normal, maybe because it was windy. I did think at one stage that we had missed them and they had already left to go out into the fields, but I think the cub is still too young to go too far.

When we arrived back home there was a beautiful rainbow over the garden so for Day 17 of 30 days Wild - Random acts of Wildness, I am going to put down watching a rainbow.

The small cub is growing bigger and bigger every day and is now about a quarter of the size of the adults.
The cub goes up and nuzzles one of the adults every so often, so I presume that is its mum.

Two of the adults are looking quite thin at the moment.

Not a good photo, the cub kept its back to us most of the time.

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