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Tuesday 2 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day Two - A piece of sky, an extraordinary activity

One of my favourite books is My Name Is Mina. by David Almond
The book is about a girl that is home-educated and what she gets up to.
Sometimes she sets herself an activity which she calls an Extraordinary activity.
So for the second day of 30 Days Wild I decide to do one of Mina's Extraordinary activities, which is to look at a piece of sky for 30 minutes to see what things pass through.

Over the 30 minutes I saw a Red Kite struggling against the wind.
A Kestrel trying its hardest to stay in one place, eventually giving up and flying away.
The Great Spotted Woodpecker flew in, noticed me sat in the garden and flew away.
Bees buzzed through, the Jackdaws chased the Crow and the clouds raced across the sky making patterns as they went.

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