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Sunday 14 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 14 - Allotment

We spent this morning at our allotment for Day 14 of 30 days Wild.

As we were so busy last weekend it has been nearly 2 weeks since we last went up there and the weeds have taken over.

The idea of our allotment was to grow fruit and vegetables but also have a wildlife garden up there as well.
We have left a large patch of brambles and nettles which the birds and insects love.
There are plenty of rabbits around so we have fenced off the vegetable patch. I have noticed marks on the ground where the deer have pawed.
I have left the trail camera up there before and it filmed a fox and there is a badger trail that runs through the allotment as well.
The allotment overlooks the field where the hares are so I started to build a hide so I could watch them, however it got blown down so I will have to start again.

The Cinnabar moth can be seen out during the day and it's caterpillars feed on Ragwort leaves.

This is our wild patch

The bees love the Foxgloves

This is a flower beetle, also known as a fat-legged beetle because the male has swollen looking hind legs. They eat pollen and I see them quite often on the buttercups.

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